John Deakin Heaton
About the Project

1. The Pins

Each tour comprises a map with pins which provide access to location-specific information.

Tap on a pin to display the name and address of the location. You can then tap on the button "Read more" to access full information about the location in the form of text, images, audio and video.

Pins which bounce up and down provide access to time-limited content or content which normally requires you to be within the vicinity of the location. 

2. The Green Arrow

The green arrow shows your current location. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the green arrow.

If you cannot see the green arrow you need to activate GPS on your mobile device and allow Google to use your device's location data when prompted. If you have not received a message which asks if Google can use your location data, try refreshing the page. When Google has been permitted to use your location data, refresh the page once more in order to update the map. Also, please bear in mind that your current location might be beyond the map's current visible area.