St Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Hunslet, Leeds LS10 2QY
St Mary's Parish Church, Hunslet(Perkins & Backhouse, 1862-4)

In 1862-4, the old parish church at Hunslet was demolished and replaced by a new and much larger church, partly built on the old graveyard.  This meant the removal or destruction of some tombstones, including those of Heaton’s grandfather, John (1736-1790) and Mary, née Metcalfe (d. 1799).  Heaton wanted to install a stained glass window in the south side of the new church, though it did not happen until the following year (Journal, i. p. 3; ii., pp. 50-2).

Sadly the main body of the church was demolished in the 1970s and only the tower remains of the previous structure.  For an image of the interior of the church as it would have looked in Heaton's day, click here.